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Manufacturers today have become inundated with ever changing and increasingly complex state & local tax laws.

With over 10,000 state and local taxing jurisdictions, most companies lack the resources to make sure the correct procedures have been implemented.

We are a nationwide consulting & auditing firm that specializes in reverse sales & use tax recovery.

Unlike state audits that focus on compliance and money that you owe, our firm looks at areas the state is not interested in - money that you are overpaying.

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Since 1995 we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in overpaid sales tax.

  • "What a great service! NAS found substantial tax exemptions for our plants across multiple states. Many we never realized existed. They are extremely knowledgeable. They are without a doubt experts in their field and they procured some very sizeable refund claims for us."

    Dick Jacobs
    Symbol Mattress co.
  • "Our company had paid Arthur Anderson a great deal of money for tax advice and audits. When National Auditing contacted us, I really thought there was little they could find. But as there was no downside on a secondary review, we decided in favor of this. Wow! These guys were amazing! NAS discovered that we were eligible for both enterprise zone & air craft manufacturing exemptions. Exemptions our primary accountants had been missing for years. NAS obtained an immediate refund of over $200,000.00 for us, and have presented us guidelines for future savings. I couldn't give NAS a higher recommendation."

    Jim Lathrop
    Wyman Gordon
  • "I thought we had good controls in place, but NAS recovered substantial refunds for us. They reviewed 12 locations in 12 different States, applying their knowledge of the latest case law rulings and statutory changes for our benefit. I'm amazed how much tax law they know, and even more amazed with their abilities to recover tax money"

    Brian Bentsen
    Assistant Controller
    Sealy Mattress Co.
  • "NAS recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our two plant locations......not once, but TWICE! Any manufacturer would be well served to listen to these guys. Had we not made corrections based on the NAS audit, we would have not only lost out on significant refunds, but we would have continued making the same errors in the future. This would have literally cost us millions."

    Mike Del Regno
    Corporate Accounting Manager
    Core Molding Technologies
  • "NAS performed sales tax and HST reviews for our New York and Canadian facilities. We were very impressed with both their level of knowledge and the results they had generated. Thanks to their expertise, we have been able to make purchase corrections on a number transactions. And 100% percent of these future revenues are completely ours. A very worthwhile service most companies should consider.

    Betrand Eustache
    Group Controller
    Wabtec Canada
  • NAS procured a sizable refund for us on packaging exemptions that we had been missing for the 15 years I have been at this company. I'm very thankful we had their auditors perform the review. I regret we did not have them come in years ago."

    Bob Snyder
    Accounting Manager
  • "My experience in the past with other auditing firms made me apprehensive of the sales tax recovery audit performed by NAS. They have changed my opinion. NAS did not take any of my time. In fact, I probably took more of their time asking questions about taxability of purchases. They provided excellent feedback and I feel I have a much better understanding of sales tax exemptions."

    Rosalyn Johnson
    Accounts Payable Manager
  • "I was surprised how little involvement was needed on the audit. The auditors were quiet, efficient and focused. I expected little from the audit due to our size and limited number of vendors. I was impressed with the number of refunds that were found and the amounts. I highly recommend NAS's services."

    Dan Gibbons
    Director of Finance and Contract Administration
    Team Wendy, LLC
  • "Joe from NAS has been a pleasure to work with. Several times I will call him with sales tax questions - even those unrelated to the audit they performed. He has always answered my questions promptly and never asking for payment. Things like this get noticed and are very appreciated."

    Chris Verhas
    Accounting Manager

    Schaefer Equipment Company
  • "NAS is a great service!! The staff is extremely helpful and very easy to work with. NAS has found numerous exemptions for our company in many different areas. Vectorvest has been working with NAS for almost three of years now and my experiences couldn’t be better. In the time I have worked with them, they have found numerous tax exemptions for our company. I would highly recommend NAS to anyone!!"

    Thomas J. Gill
    Finance Director
  • "NAS provided a very valuable service to us. We were primarily interested in making sure we did not repeat these overpayment mistakes in the future. NAS - at no charge - spent a considerable amount of time working with our purchasing department to make sure all future transactions were coded correctly. They are professional, knowledgeable, and above all, a pleasure to work with."

    John Wyman
    General Manager
    Collins & Aikman
  • "NAS recovered about 10k in tax refunds for us. However, I was more impressed with the fact that they also pointed out some items that we should be paying tax on. The auditors provided the compliance review free of charge as a courtesy. NAS also provided explanations to us as to why certain items were taxable or exempt. They are a very professional organization."

    Betty Cooley
    Accounting Manager
    Dearborn Sausage Company
  • "When we were contacted by NAS, we were in the midst of a state sales tax audit. After just a few minutes of conversation with Marc from NAS, we realized the state auditor was attempting to assess tax and penalties on a number of items that should have qualified for the industrial processing exemption. We had NAS perform the reverse audit the very next week. With their assistance, we went from owing the State $40,000.00 to getting a refund of $25,000.00 ( A $65,000.00 difference)To say we were gratified would be an understatement. I could never give NAS a high enough recommendation, but they will always have our thanks."

    Gene White
    VP of Taxes
    Collins & Aikman Automotive
  • "X-Rite corporation had tried for several years to implement self audit controls to recover tax overpayments. However, our staff did not have the time or expertise to complete a thorough audit. We really did not know what quite to expect when we engaged NAS to perform a reverse audit. The results exceeded our expectations as they recovered over $58,000.00 in refunds for us. We were able to make immediate changes based on their guidelines. This was a very worthwhile project."

    Kevin Griffin
    Director of Corporate Finance
    X-Rite Corporation
  • "When we were contacted by NAS, we were not aware we were eligible for Manufacturing Purchase Credits. We saw no reason not to do this. NAS performed their review quickly and efficiently providing us with detailed results of the tax credits we were eligible for. They took responsibility for all the paperwork and filing procedures which resulted in significant monies. I regret we did not do this years ago, as we can never get the money back that has expired from statute. Thanks again to NAS!"

    Robert Themm
    Financial Controller
    DFG Foods, Inc.
  • "NAS has conducted reverse sales tax audits for Cardwell Westinghouse on four separate occasions. Each time they keep identifying new areas of refunds for us. To date, they have recovered close to $450,000.00. In addition, they have constantly provided us with advice to make corrections. I really like these guys and would recommend them without hesitation."

    Nora Veglio
    Assistant Controller
    Cardwell Westinghouse
  • "Very substantial refunds in our utilities. We were also unaware that there were specific exemptions for the food processing industry."

    Tom Freeseman
    Plant Controller
    Winchester Foods

the simple process

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    We conduct an on site review of your invoices within the statute of limitations.

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    Our legal research staff verifies the initial findings.

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    Our processing division relays this information to you for your final approval.

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    We take it from there - we assume all responsibility for submitting your refund claims and follow up correspondence.

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    You get paid!

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Our services are completely risk free - our fee is a percentage of the savings we recover for you. We take care of all of the expenses associated with your audit. There will never be any additional charges, retainers or hidden fees.

If we cannot find and procure any sales tax refunds for you, THERE IS NO CHARGE. But you will have the additional satisfaction of knowing that your company is not paying more than it is required to.

we're proud to have worked with

  • Abundant Manufacturing
  • Air Enterprises, LLC
  • Akro Corporation
  • Al Par Peat Co.
  • Allied Moulded Products
  • Alpha Machining and Grinding
  • Alpha Semiconductor
  • Amphenol Corporation
  • Anchor Brake Shoe Company
  • Arrow Tru-Line, Inc.
  • Atlantic Shutters
  • Barber Brake Beam
  • Barber Spring Company
  • Blackhawk Molding Company
  • Boise Locomotive
  • Bing Metals Group
  • Britax Child Safety Products
  • Builders Edge
  • Buzzi Unicem USA
  • BYK Chemical
  • Cambridge Industries
  • Capital Mercury Apparel
  • Cardwell Westinghouse
  • Cast Matic Corporation
  • Ceco Building Systems
  • Chattanooga Laser Cutting
  • Chester Labs
  • Chester Packaging Co.
  • Cincinnati Laser Cutting
  • Collier Inc.
  • Collier Spring Manufacturing Inc.
  • Collins & Aikman
  • Conor Sports Court International
  • Continental Deli Foods
  • Copeland LC
  • Core Molding Technologies
  • Cornman Farms
  • Counterpoint Inc.
  • CR Bard Corporation
  • Cybex Computer Products
  • Cytec Industries
  • Dan T. Moore Companies
  • Danly Die Set
  • Dearborn Sausage Company
  • Defiance Precision Products
  • Delaware Dynamics Corporation
  • Delfield Company
  • DFG Foods
  • Digital Color Imaging, Inc.
  • Dinesol Building Products
  • Doan Companies
  • Dura Automotive Systems
  • Durox Inc.
  • Dyckerhoff AG
  • Elementis Specialty Products
  • E G & G, Inc.
  • Famous Enterprises, Inc.
  • Famous Industries
  • Fayette Tubular Products
  • Fletcher Machine Co.
  • Food Brands America
  • Fortville Feeders, Inc.
  • Freight Car Products
  • Fuji Products
  • Furnace Services
  • Gehl Co.
  • General Products Corporation
  • Grand Haven Brass Foundry
  • Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping
  • Greif Brothers Corporation
  • Headwaters Inc.
  • Heating & Cooling Inc.
  • Hehr Power Products
  • Hemlock Semiconductor
  • Herman Miller, Inc.
  • Huron Automotive
  • Hypress Inc.
  • IQM Trim Boards Inc.
  • IWG High Performance Conductors Inductoheat
  • Inspire Roofing Products
  • Intergragh Computer Corporation
  • Iowa Ham Canning
  • J Gibson McAlvain Lumber
  • J.R. Simplot Company
  • LaFarge Corporation
  • LB Manufacturing Company
  • Legend Gear and Transmission
  • Lepel Corporation
  • Lionel Trains Inc.
  • Litehouse Foods
  • Lone Star Industries
  • Lydall Southern Products
  • Machine Tool & Gear Corporation
  • Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing
  • Melampy Manufacturing Company
  • Melling Automotive Products
  • Melling Tool Company
  • Memphis Redi Mix
  • Meridian Automotive Systems
  • Michigan Milk Producers Association
  • Mid-America Siding
  • Mill-Pak Inc.
  • Miller Fluid Power
  • Mity- Lite, Inc.
  • Monitor Sugar Company
  • National By-Products LLC
  • Neyra Industries
  • Newcor, Inc.
  • Novartis
  • Ohio Gasket Shim Company
  • Optical Cable Corporation
  • Orion Research Corporation
  • Oxford Automotive
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Phelps Dodge
  • PRI Automation
  • Progressive Stamping and Fabrication
  • Provimi Veal Co.
  • RC Cement Company
  • Rheox Inc.
  • RHC SpaceMaster Co.
  • Rosenboom Machine & Tool Inc.
  • Russer Foods
  • SanCasT
  • Saturn Electronics & Engineering
  • Schaefer Equipment Company
  • Servo Kinetics Inc.
  • SonoPress Inc.
  • Soundwich, Inc.
  • Sparks Belting Company
  • Standard Car and Truck
  • Standard Locomotive Group
  • Star Building Systems
  • Steifel Laboratories
  • Stein Steel Mill Services
  • Stonecraft Industries
  • Stuart Hall
  • Supreme Industries
  • Sturdimount
  • Swigger Coil Systems
  • System Design and Engineering Company
  • Symbol Mattress Company
  • System Design & Manufacturing Inc.
  • Tapco Integrated Tool Systems
  • Tapco International
  • Taylith, Inc.
  • Tex Tech Industries
  • The Foundry, Inc.
  • Thermedics Co.
  • Thomas, Bennett & Hunter
  • Thorn Apple Valley
  • Tri-State Envelope Corporation
  • Tyler Refrigeration
  • Union Spring Manufacturing
  • Universal Automotive
  • Upjohn Pharmaceuticals
  • Vantage
  • Vapor Bus International
  • Vapor Stone Rail Inc.
  • VectorVest
  • Venture Lighting Inc.
  • Wabtec Foundry
  • Wampler Foods
  • Waterlink
  • Wellcraft Systems
  • Wellcraft
  • Williams Electronics
  • Williams Entertainment Inc.
  • Winchester Foods
  • Woodard Furniture Mfg.
  • Woolin Products Inc.
  • Wyman Gordon
  • X-Rite Corporation
  • Young Touchstone
  • Zeftek
  • Zingermans
  • Zingerman's Coffee Company
  • Zingerman's Creamery